Perimeter Security

Cheshire Industrial doors can supply and install a wide range of Perimeter Security Systems

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Perimeter Security Systems

Cheshire Industrial doors can supply and install a wide range of perimeter security systems to suit any application. For more information please contact us.

Automatic Barriers


Automatic barriers are typically found at the entrances to restricted areas. They are also used as a traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic, while allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter and more direct route.

PF6000S     PF6000LUX     PF6000B     PF6000HD
6000XB       6000XLUX       6000XHD     6000XS

Height Restriction Barriers


Height Restriction Barriers provide an ideal low cost solution to a wide variety of parking, road access and traffic management requirements. An ideal solution for the prevention of access for unauthorised high vehicles.

PF5600     PF5650

Manual Barriers


Manual Raise Arm Barriers are a low maintenance, cost effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorized areas. We offer them in spans of up to 9 metres.

PF5000HD     PF5000A     PF5000AHD     PF5700S

Automatic Bollards


The Automatic Rising Bollard employs a simple yet effective Design to be a very secure product in preventing unauthorized access. The bollard is installed into the ground and brought level with the road surface. They are controlled by a small control panel, which has integrated safety features.

Certification 1     Certification 2     PF7276H

Surface Direction Flow Plates


Surface Mounted Flow Plates are an ideal solution for controlling one-way traffic. Bolted down to an existing road surface where a substantial foundation/surface is already in place. No excavation of the road surface is required. A sophisticated inbuilt spring action ensures that the flow plate returns to the upright position after a vehicle has passed over it.

PF5850     PF5875HD

Sunken Direction Flow Plates


Constructed from heavy steel, the flow control plate is designed to encourage a mono-directional flow of traffic, as well as preventing vehicles from entering if they are travelling from the opposing direction.


Direction Flow Speed Ramps


The Speed Ramp is manufactured from heavy-duty recycled PVC segments. Available in two heights, the 50mm high version reduces speeding vehicles to speeds of 15-20 mph while the 75 mm high version reduces vehicles to speeds of 5-10 mph.


Folding Gates


Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gates designed with high security in mind. The gates have a hinge between the leafs which further assists in the very fast operating speeds. A superior integrated control panel and encoder controls the fast, smooth direct motor.


Pedestrian Gates


Pedestrian Gates secure and control access to un-authorised areas. They are available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic variants. They are generally used as pedestrian access through secure perimeter fence lines


Sliding Gates


Where the use of conventional swinging gates are not feasible due to space restrictions, the Automatic Cantilevered Sliding Gate is an easy to install, ideal solution. The gate is controlled by a purpose made controller, single phase supply, via an inverter controlled output to a 3 phase motor. We fit as standard a number of safety devices. The gate is fitted with dual height photocells and 6 Category 3 monitored live safety edges as standard.

PF9000A     PF9000M     PF9100A     PF9100M



The Full Height Turnstile range is a high specification turnstile, suitable for controlled access. Optional 90° or 120° rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights, reader panels and fire alarm activation (to engage free rotation) are a few of the optional benefits.

PF4000D    PF4000S

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