Mesh Security Screens

Mesh Security Screens are a discreet, cost effective and maintenance free solution to protecting windows against vandalism, opportunistic burglary and breakage

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Mesh Security Screens

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Mesh Security Screens are the chosen means of window security for schools, public buildings authorities, flats, social housing, churches, youth centres and many other high risk public buildings.

Our Mesh Security Screens are available in three styles:

  • Perforated mesh
  • Polycarbonate 'new'
  • Mesh/Polycarbonate 'new'

Benefits of Mesh Security Screens

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  • Quick payback - once fitted most customers find Mesh Security Screens repay the investment many times over by reducing vandalism, breakage and burglary.
  • Unobtrusive appearance - the polycarbonate option is difficult to distinguish from glass whereas the mesh and mesh/ploycarbonate options have an appearance resembling tinted glass.
  • Mesh perforations provide maximum vision and light - whilst retaining the strength of the screen.
    Polyester powder coated in a wide choice of colours - to give a long lasting finish and co-ordinate with decor.
  • Planning permission - is generally not required when the security screen is face fixed.


Mesh security screen picture

The mesh in our Mesh Security Screens is constructed from 1.5mm galvanised steel sheets with fine 4mm diameter perforations and a 5mm pitch to give and excellent 60% visibility. The mesh sheets and/or polycarbonate are fully enclosed in an aluminium frame using anti-tamper screws.

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