Where To Find Automatic And Manual Traffic Barriers

Security for a building or a complex doesn’t always begin with the front or back door. Gates and barriers can be used to stop unauthorised personnel or vehicles getting close to the building or asset.

Automatic traffic barriers and traffic gates are chosen by everyone from large-scale commercial companies protecting their goods through to military areas which need to be guarded.

For any of these applications, our professional team at Cheshire Industrial Doors can provide you with a bespoke solution. We have a wide range of automatic traffic barriers which are ready to be installed on your property to improve its security instantly.

What types of automatic and manual traffic barriers are available at Cheshire Industrial Doors?

The needs of the application demand a lot. If you are dealing with a dangerous area and want added protection, we have products to suit this.

Below are just some of our added extras for the automatic and manual traffic barriers we can provide and install:

  • Lattice skirts
  • Safety edges, safety induction loop sensors
  • Warning signs
  • Illuminated lights
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Fire alarm interface
  • Access control

To complement these traffic barriers, we can add a number of useful features that will help the smooth operation of them. From card access control, automatic closing, remote controls and induction loops, you are certain to find a solution to your security and safety concerns.

Discover more about our automatic traffic barriers by getting a quote from our team today