Three Types Of Internal Security Doors For Your Safety

One of the most important investments for a business will be security. Internal doors are vital in keeping your assets and products safe, while ensuring that only your personnel can gain access.

At Cheshire Industrial Doors we are able to fit and install internal security doors to the requirements of your setting, budget and specific industry.

We know that investing in internal security doors is important. That’s why we offer a number of options to suit large commercial properties and industrial warehouses.

Three types of internal security doors we can install at Cheshire Industrial Doors:

  • Steel hinged door sets: Created to fit your application and door size, we can install door sets for almost any entrance. These can also be customised to suit and in range of colours and styles with a variations of secure access hardware.
  • Fire resistant doors: A requirement for almost every industrial property will be a properly installed fire-resistant doors. We only provide high-quality and approved fire-resistant doors for use on your property.
  • Ventilated doors: Ideal for boiler rooms and sub stations.

On top of these internal security doors, we can also provide you with acoustic doors and communal entrance doors.

No matter your requirements, we can design and install an internal security door for your setting. Contact us to find out more