Three Reasons To Choose Our Automatic Door Installations

Attractive, easy to use and perfect for any business or outlet, our automatic doors at Cheshire Industrial Doors can bring a new lease of life to your business.

Trusted nationwide to help large corporations through to small businesses with our range of automatic doors, our services can provide a number of benefits. In the past our experienced technicians have worked to create and install automatic doors on railway stations, banks, offices, government buildings and much more.

Why choose our automatic door installations at Cheshire Industrial Doors?

We make sure that all our products are of the highest quality while also ensuring every installation is performed to industry standards.

To help you make your choice, here are three benefits to selecting our automatic door installations:

  • 1.Security: Automatic doors may look vulnerable, but all doors we install are backed by toughened security glass that can withstand almost any eventuality. You can also turn off the automatic doors when you lock up to create a secure entrance.
  • 2.Environmental control: Automatic doors are great to keep heat in and cold at bay. They only open when needed and close automatically behind you.
  • 3.Custom design for your needs: Our experience working with various businesses and organisations has allowed us to offer tailored automatic door solutions for your setting.

To discover more about our services at Cheshire Industrial Doors, get in contact with us today