​Three Diverse Style Of Roller Shutter Doors For Your Industrial Workplace

Easy to use and great for security, roller shutters are popular for a wide range of commercial settings. From commercial businesses through to warehousing and storage facilities, they are a cost-effective way of keeping your premises safe from intrusion.

On top of this, roller shutters can also transform the exterior of your premises and help to make your building stand out from the rest.

To achieve this, our professional team at Cheshire Industrial Doors are on hand to ensure that you make the most of this investment for your industrial setting. We will guide you through the range of options available to leave you with the right roller shutter door for your premises.

Here are just three diverse styles available and how they can improve the aesthetics and security of your business:

  • Standard roller shutter doors: Adding to the peace of mind and cost-effectiveness all our roller shutters possess, this style is effortlessly installed. We can have them fitted on the same day with either manual or electronic controls.
  • Insulated roller shutter doors: Insulated to protect your premises better from the elements and noise, these roller shutter doors are more suitable for premises with a focus on temperature control.
  • Fire roller shutter doors: Fire control is a vital element to your doors and these fire roller shutters will stop the spread of fire and set off an alarm if a fire is detected.

To find out which type is right for your needs, speak with our team today