Professional Automatic Door Installations

Highly convenient for both customers and staff, automatic doors are also highly secure and offer exceptional practicality. Consequently, they’re one of our most popular products.

Whether somebody is carrying heavy bags or there’s chilly weather and you don’t want the doors to be left open for any length of time, our automatic door installations could be the ideal solution.

Located in Runcorn in Cheshire, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality security features, including automatic entrance doors in a variety of styles. We also supply roller shutters, industrial doors, steel doors, high speed doors, security doors, traffic barriers, gates, fencing and loading bay systems.

Enjoy the most comprehensive door repair service nationwide.

Cheshire Industrial Doors Ltd also have a fleet of mobile workshops operated by our fully trained engineers and electricians which can be relied upon to perform one visit repairs when it's needed most.

If you have any problems with your door installations, our 24hr emergency service operates 365 days a year and is one of the most efficient repair services available. We also have technical staff who can provide professional and impartial advice, recommendations and instant solutions free of charge.

Find out more about our automatic door installations or simply get in touch for more information.