Invest In Our Commercial Security Gates

The first layer of security for your commercial premises will be around the perimeter of your grounds. A driveway that leads to your car park, a roadside entrance that takes visitors to where they need to be or delivery entry areas that need to be guarded.

Whether you have one or all of these elements across your commercial premises, it’s important that you invest in your security through gates. Tasked with producing and installing bespoke commercial security gates, we have the expertise to help you.

By choosing Cheshire Industrial Doors you can gain a range of benefits for your company as you seek to improve your security, response times and the money you invest in this vital aspect.

We have an array of different products that could be ideal for your setting, which include:

  • Height restriction barriers: Lorries, vans and cars can always find themselves in the wrong place. To deter people from stealing your vehicles or entering unwantedly, you can impose a height restriction based on your specific needs.
  • Manual security gates: If you are looking to control visitors and vehicles, our manual security gates could be ideal. Hosting regular events or monitoring a car park during the day, you can take charge of the entrance.
  • Automatic security gates: Companies trust our automatic security gates that can implement a keypad to create a secure entrance for their staff.

To discover more about our commercial security gates at Cheshire Industrial Doors, speak with us today