Heavy Duty Security Doors For Your Business?

Whether you’re looking for roller shutters, sectional insulated doors or access control systems, Cheshire Industrial offers a wide range of solutions for your premises. That includes heavy-duty security doors which offer unparalleled protection for your building.

Having these types of doors installed is not only an excellent security measure, but it can also reduce the price of your insurance premium.

Roller shutters are one of the most popular types of heavy-duty security doors for both industrial and commercial properties.

Roller shutters offer many advantages including easy installation which can be done in one day. They are also highly affordable and provide instantly improved security for your peace of mind. Roller shutters can usually be operated either manually or electrically with a wide range of operating devices, whether it’s a remote control or a turn of a key.

Other heavy-duty solutions include Sectional Insulated Overhead Doors which manufactured to suit individual openings on a wide range of buildings

These doors have a seal around the edges along with between the sections, which means they complete protection against the weather. These are just two of our many solutions for your business premises.

If you need heavy-duty security doors for your business, simply get in touch with our dedicated team today for more information.