Control Traffic With Our Automatic Security Bollards

Pedestrian areas or restricted access buildings need to be protected from traffic. Apart from being a good way to stop vehicles from accessing a pedestrian area and helping the flow of traffic, a set of automatic security bollards can be a great investment.

Whether you are looking to implement a set of automatic bollards in a town centre shopping area or you would like to improve your car park security overnight and at weekends, our services could be ideal.

Our automatic security bollards at Cheshire Industrial Doors are perfect when combined with a traffic barrier and gate. We can help to ensure that you have a system that works, is convenient and doesn’t take ages to action.

Three features of our automatic security bollards to take advantage of:

  • 1.Access control options: Any security bollards that we install need to be suitable for the specific application. That’s why we can add auto closing features, card control, digital keypads and more depending on your requirements.
  • 2.Add traffic barriers: To complement your security bollards, you can add a set of traffic barriers to control the flow of traffic during working hours, out of working hours the bollards can be raised to create a strong physical barrier to prevent unauthorised vehicle access.
  • 3.Additional products: To complement the automatic security bollards, we can install warning signs, illuminated lights and much more.

To boost the safety of your property, make sure you speak with our team today